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Camping in Denmark – "Overnatning i det fri"
7 Jun 2011 | 20,836 views | 5 Comments

“Overnatning i det fri” is a guide book in Danish about nearly free campsites in Denmark. Denmark don’t have the “Allemannsretten”, freedom to roam, like other Scandinavian countries. Since the normal campsites have become rather expensive and more like a family holiday theme park. Which off course has it place, but if you just want a place to pitch your tent and access to the basic such as water. Then it has became rather had to find a place to camp in Denmark unless you really did wild camping.
From what I have learnt from talking with the owners at the sites we visited. Dansk Cyklist Forbund (The Danish Cyclist Federation) Dansk Vandrelaug (The Danish Ramblers) among others got this great idea and posted an article in the newspapers asking for people to join up. So now private persons with a bit of spare grass, now have a simple place for you to camp. Some of these are just their back yard or their hayloft or part of their plantation. The local councils have also put up some basic shelters which are either in a park or an opening in a forest.
Some of these campsite does have access to running water, …

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Vicycle tour of Denmark Part IV
7 Jun 2011 | 6,535 views | 2 Comments

More wind, single track offroading, history, visit to Germany, two utterly brilliant campsites and even a song from Peli.
As normal my folks’ B&B trumped any other. We left with full stomachs following a lovely breakfast on the terrace. With a light lunch packed we headed toward the harbour. Our first destination that day was Als, the 11th island on our tour of Denmark.
Again I had looked wrongly on the price list on the ferry crossing website and we got a great surprise and our tickets at less than we had budgeted. 55min later we arrived on Als where we spotted at least 20 cycle tourers getting ready to board the ferry over to Fyn. What a fantastic sight!
Als was a brilliant ride, we had 38 miles to go: much shorter than the previous days but it took longer because we really enjoyed ourselves and took our time. The ride into Sønderborg was just stunning as we followed the Gendarm stien. This path follows the water through forests and the border between Denmark and Germany.
Peli even had a little paddle in the ever so clear and not so cold water before we arrived in Sønderborg. In this delightful town we hunted …

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Vicycle tour of Denmark Part III
7 Jun 2011 | 4,486 views | One Comment

Sandwich, sun, rolling hills, good company but missing two, the wind that became mountains and mum’s yummy home made ice cream
Gus arrived on the dot of nine thirty and we had a good old natter before we had to part company with the Wowbaggers, with a tear in our eye. Fem cyklister became tre. We zigzagged our way south out of Copenhagen towards Køge where we found a sandwich shop, where we stocked up for our picnic. The sandwich turned out to be delicious, on freshly-baked bread, and was enjoyed in the beautiful gardens of Vallø Slot.
The route that Gus had planned was around 10 miles longer than the one I had plotted on Google maps. But, it was well worth it because of the scenery and the company. Thanks, Gus, and we hope to have a ride with you again soon! With 10 miles to go Gus turned back and managed to get back home before the rain which we didn’t. With five miles to go the heavens opened up and we were well and truly drenched.
We pitched our tent at a new cafe-come-music place behind a barn, while it was still coming down cats and dogs. A bit …

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Vicycle tour of Denmark Part II
7 Jun 2011 | 4,774 views | No Comment

Basic toilet, HC Anderson birthplace and the train over the bridge to Sjælland and a trip to the hospital.
We woke up and found that the owners had left early and we still had the pressing problem of where and how to do our “bio break” as the Americans call it. With a bucket and some straw we managed to use the stables as an impromptu toilet block, and donated our proceedings to the farm’s dung heap.
Odense was only 15 or so miles away up and down some windy roads, before we hit the old main road directly into town which was mostly downhill and with a nice tailwind. In Odense we had a nice cuppa and what was ordered as a shortbread, but turned out to be a delicious sweet bun flavoured bun with cardomom, in the cafe Fyrtøjet next to the old town. The old part of Odense is now a heritage site mainly due to the author, H.C Andersen, whom you might have heard of.
We had a look around before we hunted down a bakery and it being a Saturday they were closing early. Danish pastries were bought by the metre and some ever-so-yummy bread. We had planned …

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Vicycle tour of Denmark Part I
30 May 2011 | 7,610 views | 2 Comments

Lurgy, seasickness, the hunt for a hotdog and our first stay “i det fri” in Denmark and our first taste of the wind
The last two weeks I’ve been playing with a fluey-buggy thing that wouldn’t really kick in properly. Which, of course, meant that two nights before our departure to Denmark and the start of our 11 day-long cycle tour, I was sick as a very sick thing. So, drugs were bought along with plenty of vitamins since there was no way that I would miss out on this great trip.
In typical Peli and Woolly style the morning of the departure day was used to do some serious fettling. I had to get some new bearings and a new free-hub installed on my bicycle and then there were the train tickets to the ferry to buy. Luckily, our man at our LBS was a great hand with his tools and I was ready to ride with 10min to spare. Thank you Cory! You’re a star and there are beers coming your way when we’re back.
The seven mile ride across town went fine. It is fun to ride fully-loaded through London as there are so many people staring at us in …

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A review of Local Bicycle Shop, WeBike, 2720 Vanløse, Denmark
4 Jun 2009 | 6,351 views | No Comment

Description: Bicycle Sales in Copenhagen, Denmark. Specialise in road and mountain bikes. They even got their own team so do look out for them.
Shop visited: August 2007 and June 2009

As seen on the blog: Living in a box
A lovely shop if you are looking for a new road or MTB bike, some very nice gear in there. A massive lower floor with plenty of bike p0rn and a upper floor full with cycling clothing and chaning rooms.
The shop is kinda hidden, my host in CPH had lived on the street next to it for 4 years in 2007. He only found out, that there was a bicycle shop there, when I arrived home with 2 empty bicycle boxes
In 2009 the staff provided us, with a smile, some empty bike boxes to pack ours in for the flight home. But do come early, or call first, because they had already compressed the empties into a small block of cardboard when we visited the first day.
When I visited in 2007 to do the same, e.g. get a empty box, they did not have said machine and was told yeah do grap a box less work for us at the end of …

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Living in a box
4 Jun 2009 | 2,712 views | 2 Comments

Our last day of our holiday started nice and slow, with a good breakfast and tea and some basic chilling out.
We went over to the local bike shop, Webike, to pick up some empty bike boxes to pack our bikes in.

Last minute snack before we had go to the airport. Dead easy on the Metro in CPH only 25min door to door.

Georg Jensen’s bling bike on display in CPH airport.
At the airport I had my last hotdog of the tour and we failed to find a Danish for Peli, but then again she should have enough in me :)
We got on the plane on time, and arrived in Gatwick on time, and found our bikes but no compressed air. Back home just after midnight and very tired from all that traveling but happy after a well needed holiday that we enjoyed very much.
3 miles ride back home in London, even late at night it was a wake up call for us, totally different from Denmark.
Today’s non ride was sponsored by WeBike in CPH. Located just around the corner from where we were staying. A lovely shop if you are looking for a new road or MTB bike, some very nice …

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A swinging rest ride
2 Jun 2009 | 1,859 views | One Comment

We had a bit of a lie in today, I was more in the mood to just be lazy. But Peli’s nagging got me up and after breakfast we headed out. The original idea was to cycle to Roskilde along the national cycle route 4.

With the help of Bam the night before I had a general idea where that route were, find number 9 and it will take you to number 4, but where did number 9 start ?
So we just headed in the general direction and hoped for the best. After 30min or so riding Peli spotted on the other side of the road, a sign saying number 9, so we where on our way. Number 9 follows the old fortress wall around CPH so the ride was again on perfect cycle lanes and tracks.
After another 30min riding we found the national cycle route 4, that told us that the cycle route would be 38km to Roskilde instead of the 17km on the A-road.

We ended up at Ishøj strand and had a go on the swings before we had our lunch on the beach.
Even with a shot of the highest grade EPO that you can find …

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1 Jun 2009 | 9,654 views | One Comment

For 10 years or so I have been chatting and emailing with Mr. Owl. And every time there had been a change to meet up, something had come up and we didn’t make it.

But this time we finally made it and Mr. Owl made his way down to Copenhagen for a day touristing about.

The city hall in CPH.
Lucky the day was a Danish holiday and the weather was hot, hot and hot so all the local was either BBQ’ing in their back garden or on one off the many beaches around Copenhagen. So we only had the low season tourist to worry about.

Old and new together.

Walking up to the Danish parliament.

The grand tour took us via the main train station, the main square, city hall, the parliament where we could walk right under and through it, before a quick beer in Nyhavn.

King something of Denmark

A family cycling around and into the parliament.

War memorial under the parliament.

A sole demonstrator outside the parliament.

The stock market.


Sailing boat “parked up” next to the Royal palace.

The Royal Palace.
Then we made our way over to the royal palace but didn’t get to wave to the queen since her flag wasn’t up. Then we …

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Million Dollars Ride
31 May 2009 | 1,871 views | 2 Comments

We managed to talk Bam and his son Kev, into joining us for a ride. Of course we picked the hottest day of the year so far, 25c, to do the ride in.
We decided to head up the coast, past many of the wonderful beaches in CPH and past where people with money to spare live.

Just pumping some more air into the MTB tyres on the bike Kev was riding, a bike we borrowed from Bam’s neighbor.

View over the sea towards CPH, bridge to Sweden and the wind mills.

Seth enjoying the fresh sea air and the sun.

If you strain your eyes you will be able to see the two towers to the right of the picture of the nuclear power plant in Sweden, that many people in CPH wasn’t so keen on when it got build.

We cycled trough Dyrehaven, a big park to the north of CPH. In the park there is one of the oldest theme parks in the world and also the home of the oldest wooden roller coaster in the world.
We arrived a bit too early so we didn’t get to have a go. My knees were very happy for that, because it is …

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