Reviews of various thing that I use while cycling such like tyres, tent, bicycles.

Alpkit SkyeHigh 800 Sleeping bag, a hug in a bag :)

Description: (From their site) A serious sleeping bag choice for those with big ideas but limited by a budget (we all know how that...

Review: What we like about our Hilleberg

We have recently described our frustrations with the zippers on our Hilleberg ...

dhb Wickham eVENT Waterproof Cycling Jacket

I got the dhb Wickham eVENT Waterproof Cycling Jacket a few weeks back and as sods law is, I didn't get to use it...

Review: Showers Pass Elite 2.1 – update from the road

We've had another visit to the Showers Pass offices in Portland, replacement jacket a lovely electric blue colour

Ground Effect, Underdogs cycling shorts

I don’t wear lycra but don’t mind some padding on my dear derriere. I wear a normal pair of shorts with some sort of...

Riding a recumbent

I'm not an expert, having only ridden for about nine months and got about 800 miles under my belt. But here are my early thoughts on riding a 'bent.


I think the Rainlegs were created for horse riders but soon found its way to cycling and other outdoor activities. The first time I...

2000 miles

Today I passed the 2000 miles mark on my little Tank the Surly Long Haul Trucker o/ Why haven't I listened to others before, kinda kicking myself here, when they talked about a touring bicycle. Because it is such a joy to ride. Worth every penny.

Dahon Speed Pro TT, 2008

Me and Chutney (a Dahon Speed Pro TT, 2008) on the top of Tourmalet. Description: (From their site) The Speed Pro TT is the bike...

SuperNova E3 Pro, let there be light.

I got the SuperNova E3 Pro with the handle bar mount. The reason is that I didn't fancy having my expensive light sitting on my...
tent in the dark

I failed …

Pinhaw and back

Summer Rain


Wham bam

Curious Cows


Bordley off-road